Admin316 is one of the leading plan administration teams in South Texas. As the entity responsible for overseeing your Retirement Plan’s administration, we serve as your accounts listed Trustee; we must consider that every retirement plan must have at least one named trustee.  This means that at least one party is responsible for the fiduciary liability and integrity of the Plan. This is why understanding each party's role in your qualified plan is essential. Who is the TPA, the Recordkeeper, the Custodian?  Who is responsible for the plan investments.  Is it our advisors? Are they licensed to serve as the 3(21) or 3(38)?  Who is responsible for what?

Most importantly, is it in writing? 

See, we make discerning this query simple, as we will not only appoint your 3(38) but facilitate all remaining relationships and help put together your retirement Investment Plan to serve both you and your employees better. 

We are here to provide all employer team members with quick and efficient service. In addition, we strive to ensure that all participants have a firm understanding of their retirement options and are here to help service loans, distributions, hardships, and answer any questions that may arise of their participation in the plan.


Thank you for allowing us to take care of both you and your plan.  

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admin316-ff-01 (003).png